Union organization working for the letter carriers in Sarasota and Longboat Key.

Turning Interest Into Action

NALC is a non-profit union organization, organizing city letter carriers in the Sarasota and Longboat Key offices.



Your NALC 2148 SARASOTA Resource Center

We will keep you up to date with our local information, as well as what is happening at the National level.


To all CCA's that were promoted to career status in 2021, and to all of those who were able to retire in 2021.




The possibility of adjustments could happen later this year. You determine the size of your route by your daily performance and the 3999 done with the regular of the route.  Lunch, breaks, comfort stops are included in your street time, don't cut yourself short.  Good luck.

Employee Assistance Program


The EAP program is available to USPS employees and their families.  Your EAP gives you the ability to.....

Improve your health and well-being

Balance work and home life

Manage stress

Face addictions

Strengthen relationships


Contact Us

Tony - 941-356-0977 ( Formal A) retired
Teri - 941-266-5059 (Informal A) steward Glengarry (hall rental), Formal A city
Liz- 941-447-7516 (Informal A) steward Southgate (editor), Formal A city

Scott - 941-284-7861 

Kirk - 941-356-0826 (Informal A) steward Gulfgate and Annex

Kimberly - 941-296-5710 (Informal A) steward MPO, Formal A city

Drew - 941-228-8757 (Informal A) steward Gulfgate

Alyssa - 941-549-5710 (Informal A) steward Glengarry (HBR)

Yuliya - 941-929-8525 (Informal A) steward MPO

Alex Kauffman - 610-704-1082 (Informal A) steward Longboat Key



President - Teri Hughes

Vice Pres. - Kirk Ramme

Secretary - Liz Voakes

Treasurer - Scott Voglesong

Asst Sec/Trs - Tony Mancheno

HBR - Alyssa Black

Sergeant-at-Arms - Robert Mercado

Chaplin - Luis Colon

Trustees - Robert Mercado, Kimberly Mullins, Nikki Zimmerman

Minimal Office
Going Over Data

NALC National web-site     NALC.org

Bustling New York

Florida State web-site    FSALC.com

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Membership Meetings  2021

June 15

July 20

August 17

September 21

October 19

November 16

December 14

Social distancing and masks are required until further notice.  Drinks provided.

 Meeting @ 7:30


As you should know, the National Contract was ratified on March 8,2021.  We received our first pay increase on PP 8, this is where we should be.  As for the "back pay", I have no idea when we will see this.  If your enter on duty date or seniority date is prior April 9, 2021, you should be receiving back pay.  How much will I receive??  Depends on your pay scale and how much overtime, night and penalty time, therefore no one will receive the exact same amount.

CCAs who had 24 months of relative standing became PTFs on May 8, 2021.  Future CCAs who reach 24 months, will also be converted to career status as a PTF.  There are several bits of important information as being a PTF; health insurance, life insurance, TSP, scheduling.  You should receive a bound book from the postal service explaining most of what you need to know, also ask to see your steward.

Regulars and CCAs; starting with the July 4th holiday, you can work your paid "holiday" and not get paid for the actual holiday, but instead get 8 hours of annual leave (depending on your earning status). On the 3971 it is the second box "Holiday/AL Lv Exch".  Make sure you turn the 3971 prior to the holiday, supervisors will be totally confused, ask to see your steward.  Reminder*** verify your clock rings thru "lite blue" virtual timecard, as soon as you ET, this program is updated.



The health and well being of each and every employee should be within everyone's mind.  If you are sick, STAY HOME.  If you are not sick, come to work and be safe, careful, and clean-up after yourself.  Seatbelts when your vehicle is in motion!!!

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Weingarten Rights, letter carriers have the right to Union representation in investigatory interviews conducted by Managers, Postal Inspectors, or USPS (OIG) Agents. Weingarten gives each employee the right to representation during any "investigatory interview which he or she reasonably believes may lead to discipline.


Social Distancing is required within the Postal Service.

Seatbelts are required when your vehicle is in motion.

Be Smart - Be Safe




This is the web-site that help each and everyone of you, your mate, your kids, your parents. Online classes at little or no cost.  Educate yourself for free.


Received an investigation, then a letter shortly after?  This is usually discipline - NOTIFY your steward immediately!!

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