Union organization working for the letter carriers in Sarasota and Longboat Key.

Turning Interest Into Action

NALC is a non-profit union organization, organizing city letter carriers in the Sarasota and Longboat Key offices.



Your NALC 2148 SARASOTA Resource Center

We will keep you up to date with our local information, as well as what is happening at the National level.


To all CCA's that were promoted to career status in 2020, to all of those who were able to retire in 2020.

Membership Meetings








Minor route adjustments for the MPO and LBK have been put on hold until the virus is under better control. No update on when these adjustments my happen, if at all.

Employee Assistance Program


The EAP program is available to USPS employees and their families.  Your EAP gives you the ability to.....

Improve your health and well-being

Balance work and home life

Manage stress

Face addictions

Strengthen relationships


Contact Us

Tony - 941-356-0977 ( Formal A) retired
Teri - 941-266-5059 (Informal A) steward Glengarry (hall rental), Formal A city
Liz- 941-447-7516 ( Informal A) steward Southgate (editor), Formal A city

Scott - 941-284-7861 

Kirk - 941-356-0826 (Informal A) steward Gulfgate and Annex

Kimberly - 941-296-5710 (Informal A) steward MPO, Formal A city

Drew - 941-228-8757 (Informal A) steward Longboat Key and Gulfgate

Alyssa - 941-549-5710 (Informal A) steward Glengarry

Yuliya - 941-929-8525 (Informal A) steward MPO



President - Tony Mancheno

Vice Pres. - Teri Hughes

Secretary - Liz Voakes

Treasurer - Scott Voglesong

Asst Sec/Trs - Kirk Ramme

HBR - Alyssa Black

Sergeant-at-Arms - Drew Kopacz

Chaplin - Luis Colon

Trustees - Dave Marriott, Robert Mercado, Kimberly Mullins

Minimal Office

NALC National web-site     NALC.org

Florida State web-site    FSALC.com

Membership Meetings  2021

At this time all meetings are canceled

Once meetings resume we will print the dates

Thank you for your understanding during this time of the unknown

 Meeting @ 7:30


Memorandums due to COVID-19

The items below can be found on the National web-site of NALC.ORG, you can also do a "google search".

M-01910    M-01911    M-01912    M-01913

M-01914    M-01915    M-01916    

Effective April 1, 2020 the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).  Provisions apply from 4-1-2020 thru 12-31-2020. All but M-01912 have been extended thru the end of the year.  M-01930 (time limit extension) and M-01931 (changing your overtime status) has also been extended thru the end of the year.

Annual Leave for 2021

Your steward will be going around (by seniority) to get your "choice leave" requests during the week of January 2-8, 2021.  All incidental leave slips MUST be given to your steward by Friday January 8, 2021, end of day.

At present time the leave book is open through Friday January 15, 2021.  Any request for leave prior to Saturday January 16, 2021, must be given to your supervisor.



The health and well being of each and every employee should be within everyone's mind.  If you are sick, STAY HOME.  If you are not sick, come to work and be safe, careful, and clean-up after yourself.




Weingarten Rights, letter carriers have the right to Union representation in investigatory interviews conducted by Managers, Postal Inspectors, or USPS (OIG) Agents. Weingarten gives each employee the right to representation during any "investigatory interview which he or she reasonably believes may lead to discipline.


Social Distancing is required within the Postal Service.

Seatbelts are required when your vehicle is in motion.

Be Smart - Be Safe




This is the web-site that help each and everyone of you, your mate, your kids, your parents. Online classes at little or no cost.  Educate yourself for free.


Received an investigation, then a letter shortly after?  This is usually discipline - NOTIFY your steward immediately!!

Wooden Hut

Physical address:4350 17th str.

Sarasota  FL 34235

Mailing address:P.O.Box 21148

Sarasota  FL 34276

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